TribeArc Mail vs. MailChimp: Which Email Service Provider Is the Best for You?


It is no news that email marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing that you must inculcate as a business, company, individual, or brand if you want to make sales.

As a brand, you want to establish a long-lasting, trustworthy bond with everyone who interacts with you.

It is crucial to use the best email service provider to make sure this occurs!

To ensure this happens, the importance of using the best email service provider cannot be overemphasized!

In this article, I will be talking about the services that Mailchimp and TribeArc Mail offer and why I recommend TribeArc Mail as the best email service provider. 

Table of Contents.

  • What is an email service provider (ESP)?
  • TribeArc Email Service Provider.
  • 5 Major reasons you should use TribeArc Mail.
  • Why Tribearc Mail is the best Email Service Provider for your business.

What is an Email Service Provider (ESP)?

Of course, you know what an email service provider is, and you want to know if TribeArc is the best Email Service Provider for your brand. 

However, I will briefly define an email service provider so that you can decide which email service provider to utilize.

Some technology firms are known as email service providers, like TribeArc Mail, which helps you create email groups and send emails more easily. You will be able to send email campaigns to a list of subscribers using an email service provider (ESP).

More email service providers have emerged to offer unique services such as email marketing, which has grown in popularity as a marketing channel.

At the most fundamental level, an ESP must store and deliver email addresses.

A more sophisticated email service provider like TribeArc Mail provides extra functionality, such as:

  • It helps you create dynamic email content for your brand.
  •  It automatically verifies all of your customers' accounts to help safeguard your account and maintain deliverability without you paying an extra amount for it, unlike MailChimp.
  •  Automated email and marketing.
  • Lead generation forms.
  • It allows you to personalize your email campaigns. 
  • Email content and subject lines A/B tested, as well as complete automation.
  • Monitoring websites to get additional data about visitors.
  • Using segmentation based on subscriber interests.

TribeArc Email Service Provider.

More email service providers have emerged to offer unique services as email marketing has grown in popularity as a marketing channel. 

You have to ensure that your marketing goals are well-defined to make the best decision for your brand.

TribeArc Email Service Provider can help you with all of this and more. This is a platform that was built with the goal of your business in mind, to ensure that our tool can help give your brand the visibility it needs, achieves your financial goals, and create trust between you and your prospects.

You may send millions of emails quickly and easily with TribeArc's powerful Email API. 99% of your emails are handled in less than 2 seconds thanks to our email API, which accepts thousands of emails each minute. quicker, more accessible, and open to everybody.

5 Major reasons you should use TribeArc Mail.

I know that you know about MailChimp and how popular it is. Above that, let us look at the functionality between TribeArcMail and MailChimp, and then you can decide which is best for you.


1. Payment: 

A lot of brands, freelancers, business owners, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, and developers have been having a lot of challenges trying to pay for Mailchimp services using their dollar cards.


Most people who still need to get a dollar account have given up completely on trying to generate leads for their business through email marketing.


The good news is that with TribeArc Mail, you can make payments with your Naira card, This saves you a whole lot of stress, time, and money! Congratulations! 


Share this article with your colleagues, friends, and family that you know will benefit from this important information, or you can make money by signing up as an affiliate and getting 50% off everyone that subscribes through your unique link.

2. TribeArcMail simulates manual emailing by sending your emails one at a time at random intervals.


By doing this, your emails will get into the main inbox, where they will be seen by your business email recipients rather than the spam folder.


Even if you have many messages planned for sending, Mailchimp sends them all at once. This may not only put your emails in the spam folder but also result in the blacklisting of your account.


3. TribeArc Mail has an automatic built-in email verification system: 


This automatically verifies every one of your customers' email addresses before sending.


As a result, messages are delivered to only a few addresses, resulting in bounces. This additional security step protects your domain, improves deliverability, and improves your email reputation. 


For MailChimp, you will have to pay extra fees for every email sent, and this is also charged per unit.

4. By using MailChimp for cold emails, you will be violating the Terms of Service.


 According to Mailchimp's legal website, any potential client you add to your Mailchimp account should authorize you to send them content.


It makes sense, given that Mailchimp was built primarily to send newsletters. Have you ever gotten an advertisement or a brochure from a firm for which you did not sign up?


Isn't it annoying? That is why Mailchimp only allows you to send emails to subscribers.


So, for you to be able to send out cold emails, you'll need the best email service provider, like TribeArc Mail. If you send emails to contacts without their previous agreement for data processing, make sure you respect GDPR standards and target only prospects who may be interested in your offer.


5.  Mailchimp prohibits "human-like" follow-ups.

Mailchimp's follow-ups, like customization, are based on subscriber action. They are typically linked to activities like customers purchasing your goods or accessing specific pages.


In TribeArc Mail, you can arrange for up to seven automated follow-ups in the same thread to be sent to contacts who haven't responded, potentially raising the response rate by 50%.


You can conditionally send follow-up emails to prospects based on how engaged they were with your last communication.


Furthermore, TribeArc Mail allows you to execute extensive split tests and experiment with 5 email variants, subject lines and calls to action to discover which performs best.

Why is TribeArc Mail the best email service provider for your company?

1. Pricing:

No business will want to run at a loss, and one of the important traits of a company that will stand the test of time; is its ability to be prudent with its finances. 

The cost of using MailChimp is high. TribeArc Mail is pocket friendly and not expensive compared to MailChimp. As the smart business owner that you are; with TribeArc Mail, you can have your cake and eat it, too.

You save a lot and at the same time, you also get premium service when you subscribe to TribeArc Mail compared to Mailchimp.


  1. TribeArc Monthly Email Send is 50,000 Emails per month for the Standard package while for MailChimp, it is only 6,000 emails monthly.
  2. TribeArc Monthly Email Send is 10,000 Emails per month for Basic/ Essential while for MailChimp, it is only 5,000 monthly.


  1. TribeArc Monthly Email Send is 5,000 Emails per month for free while for MailChimp, it is only 2,500 emails monthly.


N:B Take a critical look at this evaluation above, and thank me for helping you to save a lot of money!


The focus here is not just the little financial difference, but the number of emails that can be sent;

About three months ago, a popular Linked influencer reached out to us to help her migrate from Mailchimp to TribeArcMail.

Apparently, she had lost thousands of dollars because she ran an ad using Mailchimp as her email service provider, unfortunately, she exceeded the number of emails.

She was oblivious to the fact that hundreds of people had tried to sign up and pay, but, couldn’t! So sad.

She was wowed when she saw our platform, the difference was too much and too good to be true. Standard plan 50,000–6,000; Basic plan 10,000–5,000; Free plan 5,000–2500!

She told us to onboard her as soon as possible, which was done within a few minutes.

Don’t wait till you start losing, money, customers, leads, and prospects just because you have a limited number of an email.


Customer service: 


TribeArc Mail has 24-hour customer support that swiftly attends to your complaints, needs, and suggestions. What could be more frustrating than poor customer service? 


Mailchimp needs better customer service; it can take forever before they get back to you on any issue.


customer service principles_featured image.jpg

Ease of setup: 


Not only will you achieve cost savings with TribeArc Mail, but it will also take you less than 5 minutes to set up your account and start to build campaigns. 

Our easy sign-up process saves you precious time and energy compared to MailChimp. No payment headaches!




TribeArc Mail has amazing features that let you bring your ideas to life and create highly engaging and converting campaigns.


You can generate amazing emails in minutes with our best-in-class email generator. Simple email marketing tools like segmentation, customization, and A/B testing can help you get into the inbox and engage the reader. You can try TribeArc for free for as long as you want; it is unlimited.




  • With TribeArc Mail, all email campaigns sent get directly into your clients’ inboxes, not spam boxes.
  • You also enjoy the features available in our plan which is also available in the free plan but only limited to the number of emails.



TribeArc Mail is the best email service provider, and one of the most important differences between TribeArc Mail and WordPress is that TribeArc Mail is the leading provider of email deliverability, and it serves both marketers and developers.


With the help of our cloud-based SMPT service, which serves as an email delivery engine, you may send emails without incurring the expense and hassle of managing your email servers while taking advantage of infrastructure scalability, monitoring, and real-time analytics.


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