Send Marketing or Promotional Emails

This method allows you to send or schedule bulk emails (this will also create a list from the emails passed and allows for personalization).



  1. api_key your API key, available in Settings.
  2. from_name the 'From name' of your campaign
  3. from_email the 'From email' of your campaign
  4. reply_to the 'Reply to' of your campaign
  5. title the 'Title' of your campaign
  6. subject the 'Subject' of your campaign
  7. plain_text the 'Plain text version' of your campaign (optional)
  8. html_text the 'HTML version' of your campaign (To use personlization, include tags like this e.g [Name] [Email])
  9. emails List of emails you want to send this campaign to. (To use personalization send emails separated with pipes, e.g 'ope | [email protected], jame | [email protected], titi | [email protected]')
  10. brand_id Required only if you are creating a 'Draft' campaign (send_campaign set to 0 or left as default). Brand IDs can be found under 'Brands' page named ID
  11. query_string eg. Google Analytics tags (optional)
  12. track_opens Set to 0 to disable, 1 to enable and 2 for anonymous opens tracking.
  13. track_clicks Set to 0 to disable, 1 to enable and 2 for anonymous clicks tracking.
  14. send_campaign Set to 1 if you want to send the campaign as well and not just create a draft. Default is 0.
  15. cc Include additional emails as copy. If multiple emails, make them comma separated
  16. bcc Include additional emails as blind copy. If multiple emails, make them comma separated
  17. schedule_date_time Campaign will be scheduled if a valid date/time is passed. Date/time format eg. June 15, 2021 6:05pm. The minutes part of the time has to be in increments of 5, eg. 6pm, 6:05pm, 6:10pm, 6:15pm.
  18. schedule_timezone Eg. 'America/New_York'. See the list of PHP's supported timezones. This parameter only applies if you're scheduling your campaign with schedule_date_time parameter. TribeArc will use your default timezone if this parameter is empty.

RESPONSE (Plain text)

Success: Campaign created

Success: Campaign created and now sending

Success: Campaign scheduled

Error: No data passed

Error: API key not passed

Error: Invalid API key

Error: From name not passed

Error: From email not passed

Error: Reply to email not passed

Error: Subject not passed

Error: HTML not passed

Error: List or segment ID(s) not passed

Error: Unable to create campaign

Error: Unable to create and send campaign

Error: Unable to schedule campaign

Error: Unable to calculate totals

Error: Schedule_date_time is invalid